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JUFA Hotel Graz City

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Erich Schattauer
Peter-Rosegger-Str. 39, 8053 Graz



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Our city - our life


Graz not only offers the friendliness of its residents, but also a wide range of attractions! And yes, it definitely pays to visit them.


Here is a small overview of the sights that might be of interest to you.


If you want to know more about the buildings, architecture, history of the city, new impulses in urban planning etc., we strongly recommend a Segway tour with our guide!

The classic landmark of the Styrian capital is unfortunately not accessible by Segway.

But the ascent to the Schloßberg is rewarded with a magnificent panorama over the city ...

Incidentally, the hands of the clock tower are reversed (on purpose): the big ones show the hours and the little ones the minutes!

Clock tower

Foto: Erich Schattauer

The "friendly alien" has landed in the middle of the city and lives peacefully next door to the historic buildings.

It is, however, in contrast to many other attractions on the right side of the Mur.

Well, we can be right, even if here great monuments and architectural highlights arise!

Museum of modern art

Foto: Erich Schattauer

This architectural jewel hides in the Graz Castle, which is located opposite the cathedral and is also very popular with couples, especially as two opposing staircases connect and disconnect again and again, which is why it is also called "reconciliation stairs" or "Busserlstiege".

Double spiral staircase

Foto: Erich Schattauer

The Murinsel was - as well as the Kunsthaus - built in 2013, when Graz became European Capital of Culture.

Actually, this is not an island, but a fortified ship that floats on the Mur ...

Optimal view to the Murinsel from the Mursteg!

Island in the Mur

Foto: Erich Schattauer

Although not the largest, perhaps the most beautiful courtyard is located near the main square.

While in winter the ice crib attracts numerous visitors, in the summer concerts will seduce you to visit this special place.

Landhaus Courtyard

Foto: Erich Schattauer

The world's most important historical weapons collection is located near the main square and houses a myriad of medieval weapons and armor.

It shares the entrance with the tourist information, so it is easy to find.

A guided tour is highly recommended there and also an ideal bad weather program!


Foto: Graztourismus
Harry Schiffer

Directly at the cathedral is also the well-known "Gottesplagenbild", remnants of the earlier gothic wall painting of the church.

Incidentally, Emperor Ferdinand II is buried in the outbuilding, the mausoleum. Directly opposite the two buildings is another jewel, the double spiral staircase.


Foto: Graztourismus

Harry Schiffer

This church with the third highest church tower in Austria is located just outside the center in the district of St. Leonhard and consists of upper and lower church. The building is well recognizable by its red brick building. There are also regular tours in the roof beams of the church!


Foto: Erich Schattauer

The old town of Graz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The many squares, streets and alleys with numerous small shops, cafes and ateliers are waiting to be discovered by you.

Best of course by Segway - or with a tourist guide: we can offer both ...

Old town of Graz

Foto: Erich Schattauer

This gem is also worth a visit. It is located just outside the center in the district "Eggenberg" and is surrounded by a beautiful park in which peacocks strut around and like to make themselves available as a photo opportunity. By the way, the castle offers numerous numbers games ...

Eggenberg Palaca

Foto: Graztourismus

Harry Schiffer



Graz also has a lot to offer in culinary terms! The variety of gastronomic offers is as colorful as the city itself ...

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